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We have been coming to Hopscotch two and a half years now, basically since it opened. The service is just excellent and that is why we keep coming back. Each child is cared for on a very personal level and treated as an individual.

The staff take great interest in children and in the parents and make sure each child is fed 5 portions of fruit and veg a day. I know when my child starts school he will really miss Hopscotch


"Hopscotch has been keeping me informed of my child’s progress now for eight months, and the service has been brilliant. There is a friendly atmosphere all the time, the staff are always smiling and are very loving toward my child and others.

I can raise any issues with the management and never feel intimidated. The menu and food options are a great bonus and I would certainly recommend to friends and other parents"


We have been coming to Hopscotch for fifteen months now. The service is extremely good; the Hopscotch staff are fantastic; they have excellent knowledge of child development. The extra curriculum activities such as Spanish lessons are fabulous.

I really like the fact that the nursery keeps me informed daily about what my child has done, what he has eaten and what activities he has achieved. My child has come on leaps and bounds since joining Hopscotch; he has great social skills and really interacts with others


"We started coming to Hopscotch on the 9th October 2006 and the service really has been excellent. The staff are always friendly and keep me up-to-date with current legislation. The nursery has good play activities, great meals and the children are all catered for individually.

Without a doubt I would strongly recommend Hopscotch to other people. The nursery makes communication with parents a priority and work together to provide a happy stable caring environment for children "


For the seven months that my child and I have been coming to Hopscotch the service has always remained excellent and accommodating. They provide my son with plenty of stimulation in a clean, safe environment. The staff are always friendly and have a great ability to discuss any problems openly.

My little boy is always happy to go to Hopscotch, which is a good sign, and all the other children seem very well cared for. I would definitely recommend the nursery to other parents. I believe Hopscotch provides a high standard of care all at good value.