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Every child matters… and indeed they do at Hopscotch

Hopscotch provides a range of pro-active methods that are based on equality, child ability and parental involvement that maximises child development, all of which is embedded into everything we do

Children are not segregated via age…but by aptitude and ability.

At Hopscotch we believe our unique approach allows your child to develop at a natural pace, giving them the best possible chance at pre school level. Our children leave the nursery fully equipped with the skills needed to adapt seamlessly into their primary school education.

Our staff are recruited and trained to a level that will match and exceed your expectations…

The staff at Hopscotch will always provide the best care, meaning that your child is in great hands. In addition, your child will be treated as an individual as we know that every one is different and this is reflected in the personalised service we provide.