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Hopscotch takes huge pride and pleasure in curriculum we use to educate your child…

Hopscotch love to use new methods of developing your child. We utilise as many varied forms as possible, using new and exciting ways of educating and working with children

Adding more to your child’s experience

Every Wednesday and Thursday, Hopscotch invite both a French and Spanish teacher to help the children learn basic vocabulary and sentences in the respected languages. A great way to stimulate and educate your child’s mind and confidence

Working together to achieve a common goal…

With the support of our parents and staff, morals and principles are also developed into your child’s learning cycle which are based on the values of Hopscotch and most importantly, our parents

And OFSTED agrees…

Hopscotch is proud to have achieved a ‘Good’ OFSTED accreditation following the last review in 2005. Hopscotch was the only city centre nursery to be awarded a grade higher than satisfactory.