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My name is Will and I am four now. My favourite colour is blue. I like to play outside in the garden with the trees and on the grass. My favourite toys are the play animals and my favourite dinner at Hopscotch is broccoli, potatoes and carrots


"My name is Loredana and I am three years and my favourite colour is pink. I like going to the library. My favourite toys at Hopscotch are the babies in the home corner and I like to eat tomatoes, carrots and potatoes for my dinner here."


I am Aristotelis and I am two and my favourite colour is yellow I like to play with the toys My favourite toys are crayons and trains and my favourite dinner is a train (Aristolelis’ words not ours!)


"My name is Fireman Sam and I am three. I like the colour blue I like to play firemen here.My favourite toys are Fireman Sam, Sparticus and Superman and my best dinner is noodles"

Fireman Sam (James)

My name is Lukas and I want to be nine. My favourite colour is green. I play with the toy animals here. My favourite toy is Superman and I like to eat noodles for my dinner


"I am Rosie and I am two and a half and I like the colour red. I like the toy cows here.The best toy is the pig and my favourite dinner is pasta"